Hannah obtained her degree at the School of Food Science and Nutrition at University of Leeds and first worked in the food and drink industry in 2014. Hannah has developed products for most of the UK supermarkets, ranging from sports drinks to frozen chocolate gateau, and has strong technical and food safety knowledge.

We sat down to ask Hannah a few questions 

What inspired you to get into this type of work?

I have been interested in food since childhood, and originally I thought that I wanted to become a chef, then once I found out that such a thing as a School of Food Science and Nutrition existed I knew that was where I had to go. 

My degree course was a degree of two halves, there was the strong food science half, aka physics, how you push custard of a certain temperature and viscosity along a production line, and the molecular structure of polyunsaturated fatty acids, and then there was the nutrition, designing personalised nutrition plans and public health interventions. 

The truth is, that I enjoy most the part which falls into neither category – the effect of food compounds on the body, at a chemical and cellular level. So that’s what I do at TRUTH. 

We look at plant compounds which are being studied by scientists worldwide, we analyse their publications, and if we think the world needs to know about it, we come up with tasty formulations that will deliver those benefits.

Talk to us about your most recent creation

TRUTH ORIGINS Immunity. It’s unique in its formula, and contains a strong combination of compounds which help to support the immune system. It is this powerful mix of plant compounds, delivered in a soluble liquid form, which I strongly believe will support you through any testing times. 

One serving of IMMUNITY delivers 100% NRV of Vitamin C, B12, E, and D3, as well as plant compounds echinacea and elderberry which have been shown to have a positive effect on the immune system.

How did you decide upon what to put into this particular formula?

It was important that IMMUNITY was a product focused on maintaining the immune system first and foremost. Dr. Harry and I were looking specifically at the research published around vitamins and plant compounds which were known to be helpful during coughs and cold season, and those which were beginning to emerge across scientific publications for being linked with good immune health. The list of plant compounds was narrowed down based on the benefits we could bring to our customers, and of course the taste and performance of the product. After extensive testing we brought IMMUNITY to the market and we hope you are as happy with it as we are.

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